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Politics and Business in Dialogue

Member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament Rudi Fischer and the RAMPF management team discuss globalization, the innovative strength of small and medium-sized companies, and the economic consequences of the corona pandemic.

Before Rudi Fischer (second from right) became a member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament in July 2019, he had completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic, a degree in mechanical engineering, advanced training as a technical business economist, and worked in medium-sized companies for several decades. When the FDP (Free Democratic Party) politician visits companies, stimulating discussions are to be expected – and this was definitely the case at RAMPF in Grafenberg.

“As part of my summer tour, I visited a lot of companies in the region, as the exchange with entrepreneurs and their employees is very important to me,” emphasized the spokesperson for budgetary policy of the FDP/DVP parliamentary group. “SMEs are the backbone of our economy and, as the largest employer and trainer, also have an important social function."

In conversation with RAMPF CEOs Matthias (right) and Michael Rampf (left) and CFO Horst Bader (second from left), numerous topics were discussed, including the effects of globalization on German SMEs, their outstanding innovative strength, succession planning infamily businesses, and the economic consequences of the corona pandemic.

Michael Rampf:

With a strong focus on the development of new products and solutions, as well as a consistent internationalization strategy, the RAMPF Group has established itself in numerous markets around the world. We never saw globalization as a risk, but rather as an opportunity.

His brother Matthias added that his international experience had strongly influenced him in his role as manager. “I spent two years in Japan setting up our subsidiary there. The Japanese culture, the way they do business, and above all the respect with which they treat each other left a lasting impression on me.”

"Politicians have to go to work with a lot of pragmatism and flexibility"

Of course, the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19 was also an issue. RAMPF CFO Horst Bader:

At RAMPF, just like at many other companies, a lot depends on how things develop. In the event of national crises, our international presence helps us to at least partially compensate for negative effects; in the case of industry-specific declines, it is our broad product and solution portfolio. This is both not possible with regard to the corona pandemic.

Rudi Fischer emphasized that the exchange between business and politics is now more important than ever. “Politicians have to go to work with a lot of pragmatism and flexibility. It goes without saying that people's health always comes first. At the same time, we have to keep an eye on the concerns of businesses and, if necessary, provide them with quick and unbureaucratic help.”

The lively discussion was followed by a joint tour of the company premises, during which, among other things, the laboratories of the Grafenberg-based RAMPF companies Polymer Solutions and Tooling Solutions were visited.

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