Vibration-damping & highest precision

Machine beds and components

RAMPF Machine Systems develops and produces innovative machine beds and machine bed components using high-performance materials.

Highly qualified staff are your dedicated development partner for customer-specific machine beds. High-performance 3D CAD systems are used to produce technically sophisticated and cost-efficient tailored solutions.

Benefit from our full range of services

  • Design & calculation
  • Production
  • Precision machining
  • Measurement
  • Joining & complete assembly

Material and technology

Mineral casting (EPUMENT®)

EPUMENT® mineral casting is a high-tech material that is perfect for the primary machine bed functions, such as precisely securing the geometric position of the individual machine elements, and the static, dynamic, thermal, and acoustic absorption of forces and moments.

Ultra-high performance concrete (EPUDUR)

EPUDUR is an ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) based on the latest generation of premium cements. It has been further developed from Mikrodur technology using nano-structured synthetic silica.

Your machine frame with the best properties of mineral casting


Best thermal stability


Best vibration damping - 10 times better than grey cast iron


Design material


High precision accuracy surfaces


Integrated cooling lines


Highest stiffness


Emission- and CO₂-free cold casting process



  • Consulting and project design
  • 3D mineral casting (EPUMENT) construction suitable for replication or bonding
  • 3D construction of machine beds as composite structures (EPUFILL)  and from hard stone (EPUSTONE)
  • 3D constructions and dynamic design of moving systems and drives (EPUTRONIC)
  • FEM calculation (static, dynamic, thermal)
  • Optimization of weight, rigidity, and natural frequency
  • Interface design
  • Tool construction
  • Research and development


  • Cutting-edge production processes and facilities in two independent plants for machine beds made of mineral casting
  • Precision grinding center for high-precision grinding of machine beds, including hard stone beds
  • Complete finishing: The high level of functional integration of the integrally cast components as early as the casting blank stage - e.g. fastening screw threads, media inlets, high casting accuracy - considerably reduces the outlay for subsequent mechanical finishing
  • Temperature-controlled production halls for creating highly accurate precision surfaces using replication technology
  • Cutting-edge PPS system for planning production and logistics processes
  • Efficient use of capacities

System solution

  • Precision assembly of profile rail guides and drive technology
  • Finishing with carriages, table systems, mounting elements, and machine cladding
  • Full wiring, control system, and control cabinet
  • Rump machines
  • Temperature-controlled machine beds
  • Complete, customer-specific, multi-axis positioning and moving systems


  • Replication and coating of high-precision assembly surfaces
  • Precision bonding
  • Under casting; Rear casting
  • Filling, integral casting
  • Precision grinding
  • Lapping

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