Mineral casting (EPUMENT®)

EPUMENT® mineral casting is a high-tech material that is perfect for the primary machine bed functions, such as precisely securing the geometric position of the individual machine elements, and the static, dynamic, thermal, and acoustic absorption of forces and moments.

Product Description

Technical Specifications


Product Description
  • High-performance machine bed and construction material based on selected mineral fillers and a high-quality epoxy resin-based binding agent
  • Basis for machine components with impressive properties, diverse range of design possibilities, and clear economic benefits
  • Also available as radiation-absorbing material (EPURAM)

Added value

  • Superior damping
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • High level of precision
  • High degree of functional integration
  • Attractive and design-oriented
  • Environmentally friendly with outstanding green credentials
  • Excellent availability and short time-to-market

Areas of application

  • Machine beds for all industries
  • Machine components (e.g. traveling columns, gantries, traverses)
  • Radiation protection components (filling with EPURAM)
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large quantities
Technical Specifications
  EinheitEPUMENT® 145/BEPUMENT® 140/8BEPUMENT® 140/5
Dichteg/cm3 ca. 2,4 ca. 2,3 ca. 2,3
E-Modul (Druckversuch) *kN/mm2 40–45 35–40 30–35
Querkontraktionszahl  ca. 0,30 ca. 0,29 ca. 0,28
Druckfestigkeit *N/mm2 130–150 130–150 140–160
BiegezugfestigkeitN/mm2 30–35 30–35 35–45
Wärmeausdehnungskoeffizient (20°C)10-6K-1 ca. 15 ca. 16 ca. 19,5
Logarithmisches Dekrement  0,022 0,03 0,035
Maximale Körnungmm 16 8 5
Minimal gießbare Wandstärkemm 80 50 40

* Gemessen auf Prüfmaschine Form+Test Seidner, Typ 502/3000/100SP