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Sealing Systems

Reliable and efficient protection

The basic task of sealing systems is to efficiently protect components against moisture, chemicals, and various environmental influences.

RAMPF Advanced Polymers is a leading specialist in liquid to highly thixotropic two-component foam gaskets and elastomer seals based on polyurethane and silicone.

The foam gaskets are processed using FIPFG (formed in place foam gasket) or FIPG (formed in place gasket) technology.

The advantage: Unlike inserted or stuck-on seals, our sealing systems are applied directly on the component by dispensing machines. They expand in situ and bond very quickly, which reduces cycle times and also ensures more efficient processing.

Our RAKU® PUR and RAKU® SIL systems combine efficient sealing with the highest quality and exceptionally easy handling.

By developing new products and optimizing existing ones, RAMPF Advanced Polymers ensures the toughest demands in terms of seal quality, sealing geometries, and mechanical, thermal, and chemical resilience are always met.

What’s more, processing properties such as reactivity, viscosity, and color can be tailored to customer requirements.


Your key benefits

  • Many years of experience in product development and processing technology
  • IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Used by leading manufacturers for both indoor and outdoor applications, including in the automotive and electronics industries
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Perfect sealing thanks to automatic application of the liquid gasket
  • Economic benefits thanks to accelerated and simplified production and assembly processes
  • Reliable and lasting tightness – the gasket is firmly attached to the component and cannot be removed
  • No tool costs; flexible adaptation to modified components using NC technology

Our solutions for your applications

The performance requirements of a sealing foam vary depending on the industry, product application and production process. The acquirement of the sealing systems from RAMPF Advanced Polymers offer the optimum solution for a large number of components in a wide variety of industries.


Electromobility – one of the biggest trends. The future cars will drive electrical, noiseless and with low emissions. The essential component of an electric car is the electric motor with its battery. To ensure the performance of the battery, it´s indispensable to envoid it of external influences like dust and moisture. Due to their strong performance, the sealing foams from RAMPF Advanced Polymers are able to meet even the toughest challenges.

Control cabinet industry

In the control cabinet industry, the compensation of tolerances plays an important role in addition to the optimum protection of the component. Whether indoor or outdoor applications: RAMPF Advanced Polymers has the right sealing foam for every area in its portfolio. These are characterised by high sealing quality (confirmed by IP tests), resistance to ageing, low assembly forces and optimum adhesion to various housings such as stainless steel, aluminium, powder coating, glass and plastic. RAMPF Advanced Polymers sealing foams are UL-certified.

Appliance industry

High volumes, fully automated production processes, extremely fast cycle times, low costs and the highest quality: The appliance industry (white goods) is a global business with a strong competition. With high-performance, integrated sealing solutions, we ensure that your products are always at the forefront. Sealing systems from RAMPF Advanced Polymers make a decisive contribution to functionality and safety and thus to the satisfaction of the end customer. Since liquids are used every day in white goods, a reliable seal is all the more important. With RAKU® PUR sealing foams RAMPF Advanced Polymers guarantees long-term tightness and functionality of numerous appliances.


Well-known car manufactures already use the sealing systems from RAMPF Advanced Polymers. This is because the sealing foams meet the demanding requirements of the automotive industry, for example the emission regulations in conjunction with extremely short cycle times. The main benefit is the fast curing of the sealing foam RAKU® PUR Speed which can be further processed after three minutes. The sealing foams from RAMPF are used in a lot of different automotive applications, such as door modules, loudspeaker boxes, fuse boxes, battery covers as well as brake and rear lights.


The demands placed on packaging and the sealing systems used are increasing. Whether for the food industry, technical or chemical materials: RAMPF sealing foams guarantee an optimal result. RAKU® PUR sealing systems offer perfect protection against contamination and guarantee the safe transport and storage of goods, chemicals and groceries. The sealing solutions are used in steel and plastic drums with lids, steel cans and IBCs.


Sealing systems from RAMPF Advanced Polymers are used in the lighting industry, among others. They protect illuminants and electrical components from dust, dirt and liquids. The seals are applied to the luminaire housing and seal the gap between the housing and diffuser. For luminaires that are opened again, sealing foams are used that are only connected to one side of the component. These are usually applied in a groove. For luminaires that are to be permanently sealed, so-called sealing adhesive systems are used that adhere to both sides. The sealing systems from RAMPF Advanced Polymers are particularly suitable for industrial luminaires, outdoor luminaires, moisture-proof luminaires and luminaires in potentially explosive atmospheres. Two-component liquid or thixotropic sealing systems of the brands RAKU® PURRAKU® SIL and RAKU® SEAL are used, which enable cost-effective mass production. Ensure the performance of your luminaires - with sealing technology from RAMPF Advanced Polymers!

Application images

Material types for sealing systems – polyurethane or silicone?

Choosing the most suitable sealing material is a decision based on

Area of application
Customer-specific chemical requirements
Processing procedure

Polyurethane foam gasket (RAKU® PUR)

Area of application

  • Temperature resistance, long-term: from -40 to +100°C; short-term: +140°C
  • Chemical resistance to fats and oils, detergents, aqueous solutions, etc.


  • Outstanding physical properties such as compression set, tensile strength, elongation at break, etc.
  • Low water absorption
  • UV-resistant formulations possible


  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Coordinated pre-treatment systems available


  • Compression rate: 30 – 60%

Flame retardancy

  • UL 94, FMVSS 302


Silicone foam gasket (RAKU® SIL)

Area of application

  • Temperature resistance, long-term: from -60 to +200 °C; short-term: +300 °C
  • Exceptional chemical resistance for extreme environments


  • Optimum physical properties such as compression set across the entire application temperature range
  • Extremely water-repellent
  • Excellent UV resistance


  • Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • With pre-treatment if necessary


  • Compression rate: 10 – 30%

Flame retardancy

  • UL 94. FMVSS 302


Diisocyanates processing information

Find here more information on processing diisocyanates according to REACH, Annex XVII, Entry 74:

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