Professional & Personal Enrichment – An Internship at RAMPF!

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Gaining practical experience in a foreign culture? This is a given at the international RAMPF Group – also for Sami Akkila from Manchester, who put his theoretical knowledge from his mechanical engineering studies to the test at RAMPF Production Systems.

Our chemical, technical, and commercial departments regularly welcome motivated students for internships. For the students it’s a valuable professional experience and the opportunity to learn from our technical experts. For us as a company it’s important to establish contact with young talents at an early stage to inspire them for our company and the region,

says Frank Fischer, Director of Human Resources & Legal at RAMPF Holding.

One of these students is 19-year-old Sami Akkila from Manchester in the Northwest of England. He is currently a fourth semester Bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester and has just completed a seven-week internship at RAMPF Production Systems in the Software Development department. We asked him about his time in Germany and what he learned at the specialist for production systems with integrated dispensing technology.

Sami, what made you want to come to Germany and do an internship at RAMPF in Zimmern ob Rottweil?

I wanted to immerse myself in German culture, learn about the way of life and work, improve my technical understanding, and develop as a person. As a mechanical engineering student, I wanted to take my learning to the next level and experience firsthand the dynamics of a global engineering company like RAMPF.

How did you experience the company and its employees?

Working in the software department allowed me to gain practical experience that will complement my academic foundation and help me better understand the role of software in engineering solutions. The team at RAMPF welcomed me with open arms and provided a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. They were always ready to answer my questions, guide me through complex projects, and share their experiences and knowledge.

What specific practical experience are you taking back to university?

The internship provided me with the opportunity to work on real-world projects, further improving my problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. I was able to witness how theoretical concepts I had learned at university were applied in practical scenarios, deepening my understanding of the subject matter. I have also had the chance to build my own projects and delve into creative pursuits that further enriched my skills and experiences.

What did you do in your free time?

Even beyond the professional aspect, my stay in Germany was unforgettable! I really enjoyed the region around Rottweil and visited numerous German cities, including Munich, Stuttgart, and Freiburg. Additionally, I traveled to the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Italy – in short, I took full advantage of my time in Europe!

Thank you to everyone who provided me with a great learning experience and made for a wonderful and enjoyable time during my stay in Germany!

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