Everyday Life with Dispensing Technology

Sealing Systems

Did you know that every day you encounter things that would not work let alone exist if it were not for dispensing technology? Sealants and splices are seldom visible – but they are indispensable for our everyday lives. We would like to show you when and how you are using technology made by RAMPF in your everyday life. Let us just say this much: our dispensing technology is everywhere...

Waking up with dispensing technology

6 am, the alarm bell rings. Still half asleep, we reach for the noisy troublemaker – and for the first on this new day, dispensing technology has had an impact on what we do. Because sealing and bonding electrical appliances is carried out via precise joining and sealing processes. And because robot-controlled dispensing systems and cutting-edge automation solutions from RAMPF Production Systems ensure for highly productive series production.

We drag ourselves out of bed to the bathroom and pick up our electric toothbrush or shaver. RAMPF says: Good morning!

We open the fridge, the dishwasher, then start the washing machine before leaving the house. Thanks to innovative gaskets that have been securely applied, all machines function properly and safely.

Furthermore, our oven, microwave, ceramic or induction cooktops function flawlessly with the help of RAMPF dispensing technology.

On the road with dispensing technology

A glance at the clock tells us – we are late. We press the remote on our car key, the car winks at us in joyful anticipation. Already when we grip the door handle we are in contact with RAMPF technology; the same applies to the air conditioning, radio, and navigation system. In the car, we are in the midst of technological progress.

RAMPF dispensing technology does its work in the car in the most important places. Without gap fillers (thermal management materials), batteries would not generate full power; windows and windowpanes as well as headlights could not be properly installed.

Would you like us to name further examples? With pleasure. Without dispensing technology from RAMPF, loudspeakers could not provide us with a rich, low-vibration sound, air conditioning systems could not prevent toxic exhaust gases from entering the vehicle, and filter systems could not protect our environment from these gases.

Reliable protection – thanks to dispensing technology

Back in the car. In the engine compartment, sensors, plugs, housings, and casks are protected reliably against rain, dirt, and corrosion – thanks to sealing and casting technology from RAMPF. Tailgates, panels, handles, and spoilers have been precisely and effectively bonded by dispensing technology from RAMPF.

What's more, sensitive control units for engine, lighting, and pumps are reliably sealed and make the car more economical and eco-friendly.

Thanks to cutting-edge optical bonding technology developed by RAMPF, a gentle touch of the crystal-clear display in our car gives us access to information about the upcoming trip, the state of the vehicle, or the weather. The future belongs to the touch screen – also thanks to dispensing technology developed by RAMPF.

As we drive out of the garage, a quick glimpse to the sky and onto the solar collectors on the roof of our house makes us ponder if they will produce heat and electricity today. RAMPF dispensing technology has already done its bit – now it is up to the sun.

Discover the future – with dispensing technology

On the way to school, the kindergarten, or work, we drive past a hospital. There, orthopedic inserts and oxygen aids are just a few of the products in which dispensing technology from RAMPF is advancing technical progress in medical technology.

Furthermore, the dispensing processes required in medical application must be of the highest quality, precision, and reliability.

Whether teacher or pupil: There is no way around dispensing technology, even at school. The robust furniture in the classrooms have been bonded with hot melt adhesives using dispensing technology from RAMPF. In PE, the kids strut their stuff in the latest sneakers from Reebok®. Yes, you guessed it: In the production process of these shoes, RAMPF dispensing technology also plays a central part.