High-Speed Sealing, Casting, and Bonding – with RAMPF

Wixom, MI, USA, 05/02/24.

Material and processing technology for state-of-the-art production processes – RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting high-performance reactive resins and automated dispensing systems for sealing, casting, and bonding of automotive, aerospace, appliance, electronics, energy technology, lighting, medical technology, manufacturing, molding, and packaging applications at NPE 2024 in Orlando, FL, from May 6 to 10, Booth S17184.

RAMPF is a market-leading manufacturer of

  • Reactive resin systems based on polyurethane (RAKU® PUR), epoxy (RAKU® POX), and silicone (RAKU® SIL), including liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro casting resins, and adhesives.
  • Automated production systems with integrated dispensing technology for sealing, casting, and bonding reactive resin systems.

Sealing systems based on polyurethane and silicone

RAMPF sealing systems guarantee long lasting protection from moisture, dust, and chemical influences. The exceptionally easy to handle FIPG and FIPFG foam gaskets are used in both indoor and outdoor applications, exhibit excellent resilience and compression recovery, as well as outstanding noise and vibration damping, amongst others. 

Casting systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone

Electro casting resins developed by RAMPF offer a wide range of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. The customized reactive resins systems – pot life, viscosity, and thermal conductivity are set according to customer specifications – are used for protecting sensitive electronic components, batteries, power electronics, automotive sensors, transformers, motors, and many more.

Industrial adhesives based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone

RAMPF adhesive systems combine the ultimate in adhesion and strength with excellent temperature and chemical resistance. They are formulated to exhibit a wide range of properties, are easy to process, and perform well on wood, plastic, acrylic glass, aluminum, and other mineral materials.

Automated production systems with integrated dispensing technology

RAMPF is a leading provider of automated production systems with integrated dispensing technology for sealing, casting, and bonding. The company has manufactured more than 3,300 solutions worldwide – from manual systems to fully automated production systems. The product offering includes

  • Mixing & dispensing technology – Turnkey solutions for the high-precision, high-productivity dispensing of adhesives, TIM, electronic potting, elastomeric, and foam sealing products.
  • Automation concepts – Integrated parts transport and heat treatment, assembly and joining technology, logistic and quality assurance solutions, surface activation processes, testing and measuring technology, and many more.

RAMPF Group, Inc. also offers cost-effective, flexible, and reliable contract manufacturing services for sealing, casting, and bonding for a wide range of industries and applications.