RAMPF – Materials & Processing Technology For Ultra-Fast Battery Production

Wixom, MI, USA, 09/12/22.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting high-performance polymers and dispensing and automation systems for ultra-fast battery production at Battery Show North America 2022 in Novi, MI, from September 13 to 15 – Booth 2017.

Electric vehicle manufacturers not only measure speed in miles per hour. To be competitive on the global markets, ultra-fast production processes are indispensable. This is also true for the manufacture of batteries for which RAMPF Group, Inc. has developed polymers for sealing, casting, and thermal management, as well as dispensing and automation systems.

Epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane polymers

RAMPF Group, Inc. utilizes expertise in epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane polymers for innovative sealing, casting, and thermal management solutions for battery housings, sensors, plugs, relays, and on-board chargers. The reactive polymer systems offer a wide range of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, meet the highest quality requirements, and ensure greater safety, control, cost-efficiency, and convenience.

Dispensing and automation systems

RAMPF Group, Inc. has comprehensive experience in production systems for the precision handling and application of polymers.

RAMPF Group, Inc. stands for expert knowledge in both chemical solutions and process engineering. This enables the US subsidiary of the international RAMPF Group to develop turn-key solutions for customers, supporting them in developing the best material and the best dispensing process for their application. RAMPF Group, Inc. also offer first-class production capacities for sealing and casting.

Visit RAMPF Group, Inc. at Battery Show North America 2022 in Novi, MI, from September 13 to 15 – Booth 2017!