MICHELFELDER & RAMPF – Technology Partnership For Excellence In Series Production


MICHELFELDER, a leading solutions developer and contract manufacturer of sealing technology for individually applied polyurethane seals, and RAMPF Production Systems, an international provider of production systems with integrated dispensing technology for reactive plastic systems, have signed a technology partnership. At its heart is the optimization of RAMPF dispensing systems for the dynamically developing needs of series production.

Mixing and dispensing systems from RAMPF Production Systems are used all over the world in the automotive, electric/electronics, filter, medical, food, and packaging industries for sealing, casting, and bonding reactive plastic systems. The production facilities of its customers are characterized by a very high level of automation and rapidly increasing diversity and complexity of products.

To ensure the dispensing systems always meet the latest requirements of the relevant series production facility, RAMPF Production Systems relies on MICHELFELDER GmbH as its development partner. As an experienced solutions developer and contract manufacturer, the experts from the company check and optimize the functions and handling of the systems for their use in complex applications for prototype, sample, and series production. 

The tests conducted by MICHELFELDER include examining the interaction between dispensing systems and newly developed robotic systems, introducing new software solutions, and examining them thoroughly in everyday production scenarios. The partner companies develop solutions for new materials jointly.

One area of focus is the linking of machine data to the cloud-based customer and service portal RAMPF Cockpit. This provides customers with all relevant information about their systems centrally on a single platform with the possibility of communicating with RAMPF Production Systems.

Rainer H. Dick, CEO of MICHELFELDER:

Our team has several decades of experience as a contract manufacturer and development partner for our customers in sealing, bonding, and casting. As a specialist in prototype manufacturing and series production of high-quality products and solutions, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry and know exactly the role dispensing technology has to play as an element of high-performance series production.

Bernd Faller, CEO of RAMPF Production Systems:

The complexity of our dispensing systems has increased considerably. We have long since developed from purely being an expert in dispensing technology to a provider of production systems in connection with customized automation solutions and process technology. The specialists at MICHELFELDER support us in matching our systems precisely to the needs of the market.

The family-run SMEs MICHELFELDER GmbH and RAMPF Production Systems GmbH & Co. KG have been working closely together since RAMPF took over the dispensing technology arm of Kern-Liebers in 2003. MICHELFELDER is currently using twelve RAMPF systems for sample manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and bridge production. It also conducts material tests for polyurethane and silicone systems for RAMPF Polymer Solutions, one of the six core companies of the RAMPF Group.

Picture (from left to right) – Rainer H. Dick (CEO of MICHELFELDER), Hartmut Storz and Bernd Faller (CEOs of RAMPF Production Systems), and Klaus Michelfelder (Managing Partner MICHELFELDER Group).