Efficient Sealing, Casting & Bonding – With RAMPF

Wixom, MI, 11/07/22.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting first-class contract manufacturing services for sealing, casting, and bonding processes in the automotive, electronics, energy technology, household appliance, lighting, and medical technology industries at Fabtech 2022 in Atlanta, GA – Booth B4744 / Hall B-Finishing.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is a market-leading specialist for reactive resin systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone, including liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro casting resins, and adhesive systems. The company based in Wixom, MI, also develops automated production systems with integrated dispensing technology for sealing, casting, and bonding reactive resin systems. RAMPF has already manufactured more than 3,300 solutions – from manual systems to fully automated production systems.

Based on this encompassing materials and processing technology know-how, RAMPF offers cost-effective, flexible, and reliable contract manufacturing services, both at its head office in Wixom and in Suwanee, GA. These are used by customers to outsource their manufacturing due to intermittent production schedules or who do not have the volume to warrant equipment purchase. RAMPF also supports large-volume contract manufacturing programs in either a customer’s facility or one of its own, offering yet another option to customers.


FIPG and FIPFG foam gaskets: RAMPF manufactures custom-made formed in place gaskets (FIPG) and formed in place foam gaskets (FIPFG) made of polyurethane using speed-robotic CNC dispensing. The foam gaskets are applied directly to the component of the customer, expand in situ, and bond very quickly, reducing cycle times and ensuring efficient processing.

The benefits:

  • Outstanding sealability
  • Excellent resilience and compression recovery
  • Placement accuracy within 0.01mm
  • Significant cost benefits over die-cut gaskets
  • Inventory of different parts not required
  • No capital investment
  • Reduced labor costs

Application-specific polyurethane seals

High-performance systems for withstanding high pressures and temperatures with outstanding chemical resistance.


RAMPF processes reactive, thermally and electrically conductive polymers using its own cutting-edge mixing and dispensing systems. These ensure the precise and fast processing of highly filled materials. The produced parts are reliably protected from contact, moisture, and damage, guaranteeing for the lasting, high-performance functioning of electronic assemblies.


RAMPF processes all kinds of multi-component adhesives into precisely reacting products for joining components. The components can be pre-treated to improve adhesion. The high-precision joining process can be done manually or fully automated. Integrated curing-on-demand (COD) systems accelerate the curing process. When joining components in a vacuum, products such as displays are applied without air bubbles (optical bonding).

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