Brand New Liquid Polyurethanes for Theme Park and Specialty Tooling

Wixom, MI, 11/15/22.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting its encompassing range of advanced liquid polyurethanes, silicones, and epoxy systems for theme park and specialty tooling at IAAPA 2022 from today, November 15, to November 18 in Orlando, FL – Booth 2065.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is a market-leading producer of customized liquid polyurethanes, silicones, and epoxy systems for theme park and specialty tooling solutions. The high-performance materials are tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers throughout the entire production chain – from prototyping, model, mold, and tool construction to production.

Liquid polyurethanes

RAMPF Group, Inc. manufactures mercury-free, RoHS-compliant polyurethanes that exhibit a wide range of handling, curing, and performance properties. The systems can be processed via hand casting, mass casting, automated meter/mix dispensing, roto molding, and vacuum casting.

RAMPF polyurethanes are used, amongst others, in amusement ride components, theme park scenery, high-clarity lenses and pillow optics as well as taxidermy reproductions.

Brand new – Lightweight Rigid Casting System RAKU® TOOL IE-3460 for Theming!

Low-density polyurethane system with excellent physical properties after RT cure, 1:1 by weight or volume, easy to sand and pigment, brushable version available for applying to vertical surfaces; for room temperature hand-batch processing; used for theming masks, heads, and props, prototype model making, and casting reproduction sculptures.

Brand new – Flame Retardant Quick Cast Polyurethane RAKU® TOOL InnoFRTM FX-8270!

Non-halogenated, low-viscosity polyurethane system which is free of mercury, MOCA,TDI, PBDE, and phthalates; features excellent impact resistance; RoHS & REACH compliant, meets UL94V0; for hand-batch or meter mix processing; used in theme park elements and short-run prototype parts, amongst others.

High-strength silicones with low viscosity and minimum shrinkage

RAMPF silicones are perfect for mold making, rapid prototyping, theming and amusement parks as well as hobby and art projects. The high-performance resin systems exhibit high tear strength, low viscosity, and minimal shrinkage. The easy-to-mix silicones (10:1) are processed via hand batch at room temperature. Shore hardness ranges from 25 to 60A.

E-84 Class A Flame Retardant Epoxies

Using RAKU® TOOL flame retardant products, first-class backdrops, textured sceneries, creatures, sculptures, and designs are produced. The highlights at IAAPA 2022:

  • RAKU® TOOL modeling pastes EP-2344/EH-2944 and EP-2346/EH-2946 are lightweight, easy to process, and adhere securely to most substrates like fiberglass, aluminum, wood, etc. After cure, they are durable, hard as rock, and can be sanded, painted, and machined.
  • RAKU® TOOL casting system EC-2406 / EH-2945 is a true multi-tasker as it is lightweight, castable, trowelable, sculptable, carveable, sandable, and paintable. It is also fantastic as a hard coat and does not disfigure or melt any carved foam (EPS and RAMPF styling board included).

Polyurethane and expoxy tooling boards

RAMPF Group, Inc. will also feature its polyurethane and epoxy board materials for cost-effective and high-quality model, mold, and tool construction. These feature outstanding mechanical properties, finest surface structures, and excellent dimensional stability. The boards are easy and quick to machine and compatible with all industry-standard paints, release agents, and epoxy prepregs. RAMPF boards are used, amongst others, for the manufacture of styling, master, cubing, and presentation models, negative molds for casting, design and form studies, and lay-up tools. RAKU® TOOL adhesives matched in hardness and color are available.

Soul surfing at IAAPA 2022

Visitors to the RAMPF booth will get so see a special exhibit – a surf board made by the company Theme Fusion based in Cleveland, TN, using RAMPF’s polyurethane board RAKU® TOOL SB-0064 and the easy-to-process, low-viscosity polyurethane resin RAKU® TOOL IE-3079.

Marianne Harris, Sales Manager at RAMPF Group, Inc.:

Thanks to the expertise of the team at Theme Fusion and our versatile materials, we were able to create a Koa-wood texture on the bottom half and stone-ruin look on the top half of the board.

The creativity did not end with the design, as the RAMPF team also thought up this exciting story for the board:

This legendary board was once used by the God of the Sea himself, Kanaloa! In a time of great turmoil in the ocean, many of the sea creatures grew angry with Kanaloa, and saw his surfing as a mockery of their pain. One day, a shark lashed out at him and took a bite from his board. Seeing that he had been selfish, he retired his board and created this monument to remind him to never lose sight of the ocean and its lovely creatures. With his vow fulfilled, the board has begun transforming to rock, solidifying his dedication to his care for the sea life over his own joy.

Visit RAMPF Group, Inc. at IAAPA 2022 from today, November 15, to November 18 in Orlando, FL – Booth 2065!