Semi-finished products

Semi-finished products are used as materials in the manufacture of models, molds, or tools that are required as process materials in the manufacture of production components.

Semi-finished products from RAMPF

At RAMPF, the term semi-finished products refers to board material, Close Contour Casting, and Close Contour Blocks. End users no longer have to handle liquid chemicals, as semi-finished products are delivered to them directly.

RAKU® TOOL board material

RAMPF has been producing board materials for over 30 years. As the market leader, we have developed the world’s largest production for styling, modeling, and working board materials. Our product portfolio comprises a high-performance standard range that we can quickly adapt to meet technical market requirements. Besides board densities from 0.08 to 1.7 g/cm3, the range also offers adhesives and repair pastes specially matched to the board materials.

RAKU® TOOL Close Contour Castings and boards

Close Contour Castings are supplied in the form of three-dimensional castings that have already been cast close to the final contour. The manufacturing process takes place in-house at RAMPF Tooling Solutions. Based on 3D engineering data provided by the customer, the required production mold is milled out of a lightweight mold material such as EPS or RAKU® TOOL SB-0080. A release agent is applied and the cavity is filled using a special casting process. Once the casting has cured, it is removed from the mold and post-cured. The customer then carries out the final processing (milling) of the casting. This process requires very close collaboration between the customer and RAMPF.

Advantages of Close Contour Casting

  • Monolithic component
  • Close contour shape
  • Rapid milling thanks to low volume of chip removal
  • Less waste
  • Seamless, fine surface