Rapid prototyping process (RP process)

The RP process is the collective term for various technologies for the rapid production of prototype parts.
The core technologies for this are generative manufacturing methods with which physical models are produced on the basis of 3D data sets.

Overview of RP processes:

  • SLA = Stereolithography
  • SLS = Selective laser sintering
  • 3-DP = Powder printing process
  • FDM = Fused Deposition Modeling
  • LOM = Laminated Object Manufacturing

Visual / display prototypes
These are used for viewing or checking individual parts or for installation tests.

Functional prototypes
These correspond to the later series part, but do not necessarily have to be manufactured in the original material.

Technical prototypes
These are tools manufactured in the RP process, in which the first series parts in form and function as well as series material are produced.