Plastic board material

Plastic board material

The hardened, semi-finished board made from polyurethane or epoxy resin is not a natural product and therefore exhibits consistent chemical and mechanical qualities. It can be processed manually or machined.

RAKU® TOOL board material

RAMPF has been producing “plastic board materials” for over 30 years. As the market leader, we have developed the world’s largest production of styling, modeling, and working board materials. Our portfolio of plastic board materials comprises a high-performance standard range that we can quickly adapt to meet technical requirements on the market. Besides covering a range of densities from 0.08 to 1.7 g/cm3, this product range also includes adhesives and repair pastes that have been specially matched to the board materials.

The advantages of RAKU® TOOL plastic board materials at a glance:

  • Very fine surface finishes
  • Homogeneous material quality, as it does not have the fibrous structure of wood
  • Excellent suitability for manual processing and machining
  • Dimensional stability thanks to low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Excellent mechanical properties, e.g. polishable and resistant to abrasion and chemicals
  • Best quality “Made in Germany” 
  • Available immediately


  • Production of models and molds
  • Design studies ˃ Display models
  • Substructures for Close Contour Pastes
  •  Negative casting molds for Close Contour casting resins
  • Styling, design, master, and data control models
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Vacuum forming molds
  • Prepreg lay-up tools
  • Foundry models
  • Foundry pattern plates
  • Foundry core boxes
  • Building sculptures