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Mold engineering

Mold engineering

RAMPF offers a range of materials that are perfect for mold engineering.

Molding resins

A molding resin is a thermoset plastic based on epoxy or polyurethane that is very strong and exhibits chemical resistance. Molding resins are used to manufacture molds by taking an impression of a master model. Molding resins can be used as .

RAKU® TOOL working boards

The RAKU® TOOL range of provides special working boards that are used in mold and tool engineering, e.g. for prepreg lay-up tools, core boxes, molds, molds for resin infusion, etc. The board materials exhibit excellent mechanical properties. They are dimensionally stable, resistant to abrasion and chemicals, and boast good edge strength. If needed, special dimensions can be created and supplied as and blocks in line with customer specifications and requirements.

RAKU® TOOL large-scale modeling pastes

ensure large-scale models and molds can be manufactured economically. They can be counted on to safeguard both the cost-effectiveness of the production process and the outstandingly high quality of the end product. Example application: Producing master models for manufacturing production molds to be used in composite construction.


  • Close contour, less finishing thanks to homogeneous and seamless surface
  • Faster milling, less waste
  • Overhead application up to 20 mm possible
  • Large-scale areas in a single application
  • Optimum mechanical properties and surface qualities