Infusion resins / Injection resins

Infusion resins (RIF)

The resin infusion process or VIP (Vacuum Infusion Process) is a technique that injects the thermosetting resin systems (EP, PUR, UP) into one-piece molds (tools) using a vacuum. The dry fabrics (CFRP / GFRP) are fixed on the mold using a vacuum bag and then, usually at room temperature, impregnated with the resin system via vacuum.

Injection resins (RTM)

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a process for the production of molded parts from thermosetting resin systems in connection with reinforcing materials such as GRP / CFRP fabrics. The resin system is injected with piston or gear pumps via heated mixing and dispensing systems into the mold cavity (tool with upper part / lower part), where it hardens under heat and pressure. Formaldehyde resins (melamine formaldehyde resin (MF) and phenolic plastic (PF)) or reactive resins (EP, PUR, UP) with small filler particles can be used as molding compounds.