Hard stone

The areas of application for hard stone are wide-ranging. The added value of this natural material lies in its surface, which supports the use of air bearings, and in its high thermal stability. Both these features guarantee the utmost precision. Hard stone is an ideal material for machine beds and components such as traveling columns, gantries, and traverses. Its high-precision properties also make it the perfect choice for measuring machines and equipment. It can be used to produce individual pieces or special parts in small to medium quantities.

EPUSTONE – natural hard stone for high-precision machine beds and machine bed components

Hard stone is an ideal material for complex measuring and production systems. The EPUSTONE brand offers comprehensive service for processing shorter production runs for specialist mechanical engineering applications, prototypes, or pilot machines.

Plutonic rock with a very dense and homogeneous microstructure is used for high-precision applications such as measuring and production machinery. The preferred materials are the hard stones “Gabbro Impala” from South Africa and “Tarn” from France. Complex, high-precision machine beds can be created using special grinding and hand-lapping processes, joining and connecting by screwing or bonding hard stone components, and integrating guides, drives, and measuring systems.

With over 30 years of experience in the design, engineering, production, and assembly of natural hard stone machine beds, RAMPF has established itself as a leading specialist on the market. Grinding and hand lapping in climate-controlled production environments and measurement using calibrated measuring equipment such as autocollimators and electronic inclination balances ensure outstanding accuracy and documented precision.