Dispensing system

RAMPF Production Systems uses specialized mechanical engineering to make customized equipment for sealing, foaming, casting, and bonding (joining) components with single- and multi-component reactive plastic systems. The use of static or dynamic mixing heads means RAMPF dispensing systems integrate seamlessly into existing production processes. They also adapt perfectly to the relevant component and dispensing material. Components for preparing and conveying materials optimize the condition and transportation of the materials used within the equipment. Fully automatic cleaning systems remove material residue from the dispensing head and tube straight after the dispensing process – before a chemical reaction can result in the mixing unit becoming blocked in the case of multi-component materials. If necessary, surface pre-treatment (activation) systems can be integrated to optimize the material’s adhesion to all kinds of substrates. The dispensing system can also form part of an automated production line that carries out further handling and joining processes fully automatically in addition to dispensing materials. Along with dispensing systems, automation is another core competence of RAMPF Production Systems.