New RAMPF Silicones – High Strength, Low Viscosity, Minimum Shrinkage

Wixom, MI, USA, 03/01/23.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is showcasing its expanded silicone product line at AMUG Conference 2023 in Chicago, IL, from March 19 to 23. The advantages of the silicone systems – high strength, low viscosity, minimum shrinkage – will be demonstrated live at a Silicone Molding & Urethane Casting Workshop.

RAMPF silicones are perfect for mold making, rapid prototyping, theming and amusement parks, and hobby/art projects. The resin systems are easy to mix (10:1) and processed via hand batch at room temperature. Shore hardness ranges from 25 to 60A.

Silicone Molding & Urethane Casting Workshop

  • On day 1 of the workshop, Tuesday, March 21, from 3 to 4pm, RAMPF’s experts will demonstrate how to pour silicone to make a mold.
  • On day 2, Wednesday, March 22, from 1:30 to 2:30pm, the master will be removed from the mold and a fast castable urethane added.

A general discussion will take place and the advantages of silicone mold making for additive manufacturing will be explained.

The RAMPF workshop is both hands on and educational. All supplies are provided. There will also be a Q&A session afterwards.

Bill Molitor, Sales Manager at RAMPF Group, Inc.:

We are excited to present our expanded silicone portfolio to visitors of AMUG. With these innovative materials and our dedicated team of experts, we proactively support customers in realizing their design ideas.

Customized polyurethanes for tooling and modeling

RAMPF will also be presenting its encompassing range of mercury-free, RoHS-compliant polyurethanes. These high-performance systems feature outstanding consistency and quality as well as a wide range of handling, curing, and performance properties.

RAMPF polyurethanes are used for casting models, prototypes, and low-volume production parts in

  • Medical and electronic devices and housings
  • Automotive interior parts, underhood components, and fascia
  • Amusement rides and theming elements
  • Abrasion-resistant parts and linings
  • Medical and veterinary demonstration models
  • High-clarity lenses and pillow optics
  • Taxidermy reproductions
  • Equipment seals, gaskets, and O-rings
  • Material handling nests and fixtures
  • Sporting equipment
  • Military training and safety equipment

Visit RAMPF Group, Inc. at AMUG 2023 in Chicago, IL, from March 19 to 23 – Booth 98!