Brand New From RAMPF – Highly Damping & Extremely Lightweight Construction Filler EPUMENT® Ultralight Flow


The brand-new lightweight construction filler EPUMENT® Ultralight Flow from RAMPF Machine Systems for dynamically moving components in mechanical engineering stands for minimum weight, maximum vibration damping, low costs, reduced throughput times, reliable availability, and a sustainable manufacturing process.

EPUMENT® Ultralight Flow is a completely new material based on epoxy resin with an extremely low density of < 1 g/cm³ and outstanding vibration damping properties. It is ideally suited as a filler for dynamically moving components.

Dr. Thomas Abel, Director of Laboratory at RAMPF Machine Systems:

In all machines with highly dynamic processes, the vibration-damping filling of moving components significantly improves accuracy and performance. This is true both for classic tooling and laser as well as production machines for the semiconductor industry. In addition to improved vibration damping, filling with EPUMENT® Ultralight Flow helps to increase the rigidity of the filled components.

These components are typically made of gray cast iron, complex welded steel construction, aluminum, or carbon fiber reinforced plastics. However, due to the current market situation, it is increasingly difficult to procure these materials at reasonable prices and in a timely manner. The new RAMPF technology, on the other hand, only requires simple welded thin metal sheets that are filled and then machined.

For machine builders this means lower costs, reduced lead times, and good availability, together with maximum vibration damping and minimum weight. We offer our customers a holistic service – from design and construction of the filled frame component to the production of the shell, filling, precision machining, and final completion.

Like EPUMENT® Mineral Casting, Ultralight Flow is cast cold in molds and hardens at room temperature.