Brand New – Elastomeric Sealing Adhesive By RAMPF Polymer Solutions

Grafenberg, Germany, 06/14/23.

Combining elastic bonding and sealing with maximum flexibility – the brand new elastomer sealing adhesive RAKU® PUR 49-6006 Black from RAMPF Polymer Solutions for applications in the automotive, battery, and filter industries.

The experts at RAMPF Polymer Solutions have received numerous customer inquiries for a material that combines first-class sealing and bonding properties with the high degree of damping exhibited by elastomers.

The new elastomer sealing adhesive RAKU® PUR 49-6006 Black combines all these properties into one high-performance product.

The solvent-free, filled two-component polyurethane system cures quickly at room temperature. It is used for bonding metals such as aluminum and steel, plastics, composites, rigid foams, wood and wood-based materials, ceramic, and cementitious substrates.

The benefits of RAKU® PUR 49-6006 Black:

  • High elongation (> 300%) and good crack-bridging effect
  • Cohesive fracture pattern on different substrates
  • High strength
  • Very good recovery behavior
  • Low Shore hardness 
  • Pot life / Reaction profile variably adjustable
  • Water-repellent surface, low moisture absorption
  • Stable (thixotropic processing profile)
  • Non-abrasive, non-corrosive
  • Easy processing on standard metering mixers
  • Can be used in cartridges (1:5)
  • Produced with renewable raw materials

Michael Wahl, Director Business Center Casting Resins & Elastomers at RAMPF Polymer Solutions:

We have over four decades experience developing and manufacturing customized products and solutions. Thanks to highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure, we offer a high degree of flexibility and meet new market requirements very quickly. With RAKU® PUR 49-6006 Black, we have once again lived up to our reputation as a driver of innovation.