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The RAMPF Group stands for engineering and chemical solutions and caters to the economic and ecological needs of industry.

About us

Engineering. Chemical. Service.

Your partner for reactive resin systems, machine systems, and lightweight construction with composites.

  • Production and recycling of materials for modeling, lightweight construction, bonding, and protection
  • Comprehensive range of solutions and services, particularly for innovative customer-specific requirements
  • Technical production systems for precise, dynamic positioning and automation, as well as technologies for complex composite parts production


Machine beds and machine systems – Production systems with integrated dispensing technology – Composite design, engineering and construction


Reactive resin systems – Tooling boards and liquid materials – Chemical recycling


Worldwide customer service – Technical support – Contract manufacturing – Precision grinding








RAMPF Core Competencies

Machine Systems

RAMPF Machine Systems is the leading supplier and development partner for multi-axis positioning and moving systems, trunk machines, and basic machines based on high-precision machine beds and machine bed components made from alternative materials.

Production Systems

RAMPF Production Systems develops and produces mixing and dispensing systems for sealing, casting, and bonding single-, dual-, and multi-component reactive plastic systems. The company also offers a wide range of automation skills relating to all aspects of process engineering.

Composite Solutions

RAMPF Composite Solutions is a leading expert in the design, engineering, and manufacture of composites parts for the aerospace and medical industries. By providing highest levels of technology and innovation, RAMPF enables its customers to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Eco Solutions

RAMPF Eco Solutions develops chemical solutions for the manufacture of high-quality alternative polyols from PU and PET waste materials. This expertise is also put to use in the planning and construction of customer-specific facilities for manufacturing polyols.

Polymer Solutions

RAMPF Polymer Solutions is a leading developer and manufacturer of reactive resin systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone. The product portfolio includes liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro and engineering casting resins, edge and filter casting resins, and adhesives.

Tooling Solutions

RAMPF Tooling Solutions develops and produces board and liquid materials for cutting-edge modeling and mold engineering. The range of skills includes services and products such as pastes, large-volume and full-size castings for Close Contour models, and prototyping systems.



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“An investment in the future of our company and our world-class employees”

RAMPF Composite Solutions receives $2.3 million from the Government of Canada to expand its business and increase the sustainability of its operations

Composite Board Materials Liquid Systems Manufacture of PU molded parts Process Automation

RAMPF Fairs & Events

19. - 23.
March 2023
Chicago, USA
RAMPF Group, Inc.


You will find us at booth number 98.

17. - 20.
April 2023
Seattle, USA
RAMPF Group, Inc.


You will find us at booth no. G24.

25. - 27.
April 2023
Paris, France
RAMPF Composite Solutions
RAMPF Tooling Solutions
RAMPF Group, Inc.

JEC World

You will find us in hall 5, booth Q13.

17. - 20.
May 2023
Pittsburgh, USA
RAMPF Group, Inc.

Climbing Wall Summit

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23. - 25.
May 2023
New York, USA
RAMPF Group, Inc.

Light Fair

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