RAMPF Japan Celebrates 15 Successful Years

Osaka, Japan, 11/22/20.

15 years and going strong: RAMPF Japan, founded in 2005 in Osaka, has rapidly expanded its market share for tooling materials, reactive resins, dispensing machines, and alternative machine bed materials.

On December 25, 2005, just in time for Christmas, the first container full of RAKU® TOOL tooling boards arrived in Japan. 15 years later, the polyurethane- and epoxy-based materials made in Germany have long established themselves as the got-to-brand in the Japanese market. However, these are not the only products that RAMPF Japan is offering.

Yoshiaki Naganuma, CEO RAMPF Japan

On top of tooling materials we provide our customers in Japan with reactive resin systems for sealing, bonding, and casting, as well the corresponding dispensing machines. The newest addition to our portfolio are machine bed solutions and machine systems made from alternative materials such as mineral casting, ultra-high performance concrete, and hard stone.

RAMPF CEO Matthias Rampf

I would like to thank Yoshiaki and his team for the great work they have done. Due to their exemplary professionalism and dedication, RAMPF Japan has seen substantial growth in the past 15 years and is well-positioned to continue this success story.

For every product range there is a proven expert dedicated to providing customers with solution-oriented advice and support. “We are committed to upholding the excellent reputation of RAMPF in Japan by offering products and solutions made in Germany as well as dedicated local customer service by our team. This combination is the basis of our long-term success,” Yoshiaki Naganuma emphasizes.