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06/19/19 | Liquid Systems

New Casting System for the Sanitary Ware Industry

For casting on wet plaster. Easy to repair and grindable. User-friendly. Premium quality.

Why has RAMPF developed a new Shore A55 system for the sanitary ware industry?

As guidelines for materials are becoming increasingly strict and previous systems are no longer permitted on the market, RAMPF has risen to the challenge and developed an easy-to-process casting resin with a low hazard classification – RAKU® TOOL PC 3406-1 / PH 3906.

Where will the new Shore A55 casting resin be used and what is the production process?

The new casting system will be used in sanitary ware for production tools for manufacturing plaster molds.

Production process

  • First, a master model is created. Functionality and design are paramount at this stage.
  • A master mold is cast from the master model. The master mold can also be directly CNC-milled.
  • The master mold is used to run the pilot series and produce the tool with the Shore A55 casting resin in combination with other systems from the RAKU® TOOL product range.
  • A schematic of the tool is shown in the following image:

Shore A55 polyurethane casting resin PC-3406-1 / PH-3906


Epoxy laminating resin EL-2201 / EH-2904-1 / EH-2905-1 / EH 2906-1 with sand mixture


Epoxy gelcoat EG-2100 / EH-2950-1


Epoxy laminating paste EL-2207-2 / EH-2912

Benefits of the new Shore A55 casting resin:

RAKU® TOOL PC 3406-1 / PH 3906 can be cast directly on plaster that is still wet – no irregularities occur in the molding material (no formation of skin or bubbles). The new casting system is also easy to repair and grindable.

Other plus points:

  • Major time savings, as plaster molds do not need drying
  • Easy to demold, excellent level of detail
  • Older molds do not exhibit any post-shrinkage
  • Virtually any release agent can be used