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Expert in Design, Engineering and Manufacture

RAMPF Composite Solutions, based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is a leading expert in the manufacture of carbon fiber and fiberglass composites parts for the aerospace and medical industries.

Core competencies include VARTM, metal plating, and value-added assembly.

The company is completely vertically integrated, offering project management, product development, tool design and manufacturing, as well as dedicated new production introduction.

Extensive R&D is the driver of innovation, and long-term relationships focused on close cooperation fuel the optimization of existing processes and the development of new products.


  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) utilizing NX Nastran
  • 3D Modeling/Design software including Catia V5, Solidworks
  • Tool design and manufacturing in-house
  • Tailored Fiber Placement Technology (TFP) for the optimization of fiber placement to maximize strength and stiffness even at lowest weights.
  • DFM & DFC
  • Process engineering, development, and documentation
  • Product design support

Composite manufacturing

  • VARTM for manufacture of highest quality tight tolerance parts
  • Vacuum infusion for production of high-quality composite parts
  • Compression molding for manufacture of high volume of parts as well as hand layup for production of large components with high fiber content
  • Precision tooling and prototyping
  • Metalization of composites with copper and electroless nickel plating, and painting to MIL-SPEC or to other standards and as application demands
  • Complete subassembly, including all necessary hardware, wiring harness assemblies, and kitting; Part and subassembly testing, including leak down testing and mechanical testing
  • Close tolerance of precision parts and assemblies

Materials – State of the art solutions

RAMPF Composite Solutions provides state-of-the-art solutions in advanced carbon fiber and fiberglass composites, using the latest technologies.

Having developed innovative materials that meet the strictest aerospace industry requirements, the company produces a wide range of structural and non-structural aerospace parts, e.g. fairings, engine cowls, camera/aircraft interfaces, and spars.

Quality commitment

The highest priority at RAMPF is customer satisfaction. That is why RAMPF Composite Solutions adheres to best practices in quality and works towards continuous improvement in every process. Registrations to globally recognized standards include:

ISO 9001:2015 AS 9100 Rev D

The quality management system enhances consistency and helps ensure the overall performance of the company.

Our process controls consist of 100% critical point inspection as well as the use of standardized-build instruction documentation that is issued for every part.

As a result, RAMPF Composite Solutions has been able to establish and maintain a reputation for delivering an outstanding product.

Our approach

More than production

Customers come to RAMPF Composite Solutions for more than just production. They come to us for our innovative spirit and proven track record for problem-solving.

Full-service partner 

The majority of composites companies are production-only providers. We are a little different.

We provide our customers with a full-service offering that includes research, design, and engineering as well as production and inventory.

It’s what sets us apart, and it’s why leading companies from the aerospace and medical industries turn to us when they’re seeking outside help to assist them in overcoming complex composite challenges.

Find more information about our products and services in our company brochure:

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