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Discover the future

The RAMPF Group stands for engineering and chemical solutions and caters to the  economic and ecological needs of industry.

    Our range of competencies includes:

    • Production and recycling of materials for modeling, lightweight construction, bonding, and protection
    • Technical production systems for precise, dynamic positioning and automation, as well as technologies for complex composite parts production
    • Comprehensive range of solutions and services, particularly for innovative customer-specific requirements

    RAMPF Worldwide

    RAMPF thinks globally and acts locally. In addition to its German sites, the Group has established production facilities in the United States, Canada, China, and Japan.

    These are led by (from left to right) Jürgen Penker (RAMPF Group, Inc.), and Yoshiaki Naganuma (RAMPF Group Japan, K.K.). Not on the picture: Marco Hamacher (RAMPF (Taicang) Co, Ltd.), Larry Fitzgerald (RAMPF Composite Solutions).

    RAMPF Core Competencies

    The executive committee is supported by the managing directors of the Group companies.

    From left to right: Bernd Faller (RAMPF Production Systems), Jochen Reiff (RAMPF Tooling Solutions), Matthias Rampf (RAMPF Eco Solutions), Dr. Klaus Schamel (RAMPF Polymer Solutions), Hartmut Storz (RAMPF Production Systems). Not on the picture: Dr. Christian Weber (RAMPF Polymer Solutions), Larry Fitzgerald (RAMPF Composite Solutions), Marc Dizdarevic, and Stefan Foroutan (RAMPF Machine Systems).

    A Strong Team at the Top

    The RAMPF Group is firmly in family hands, with Michael and Matthias Rampf at the helm. Horst Bader is responsible for finance, controlling, and strategic purchasing.

    From left to right: Michael Rampf, Horst Bader, Matthias Rampf

    History of the RAMPF Group

    The history of Rampf GmbH is a gripping tale of inventive spirit – you couldn't make it up if you tried! From the early 1980s to the present day, the company has been shaped by entrepreneurial courage, technical know-how, and some great success stories:


    Rudolf Rampf founded RAMPF Kunststoffsysteme

    World’s first polyurethane modelling board was invented and the production equipment was installed

    State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for Styling, Modelling and Tooling boards was installed

    EPUCRET Mineralgusstechnik was integrated

    RAMPF Tooling was separated and independent from RAMPF Giessharze

    RAMPF Group Inc was founded in MI, USA

    RAMPF Ecosystems was integrated

    RAMPF Dosiertechnik was integrated

    RAMPF Group Japan was founded in Osaka, Japan

    RAMPF Tooling started product development, production and sales of RAKU-TOOL products

    Liquid production started at RAMPF Group Inc.

    Cumulative production number of boards reached 2 million

    Liquid production started at RAMPF Group (Taicang) Co.,Ltd.

    The five core competencies of RAMPF Group are rebranded

    As of 1 July, 2014, the RAMPF Group’s five core competencies are presented under the new company names:

    • EPUCRET Mineralgusstechnik becomes RAMPF Machine Systems
    • RAMPF Dosiertechnik becomes RAMPF Production Systems
    • RAMPF Ecosystems becomes RAMPF Eco Solutions
    • RAMPF Giessharze becomes RAMPF Polymer Solutions
    • RAMPF Tooling becomes RAMPF Tooling Solutions

    The new names reflect the broader service portfolio and growing internationalization of the Group.



    RAMPF Composite Solutions was integrated


    Added. Value(s).

    Fairness, trust, mutual support, recognition, sustainability, and a commitment to mutual respect that is born out of flat hierarchies – The RAMPF Values are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy, which determines how we work together and the way we present ourselves to the outside world.

    Company founder Rudolf Rampf established these values, and they also form the basis for the corporate activities of his sons and successors, Michael Rampf and Matthias Rampf.

    The RAMPF Values are universally valid for all employees, no matter which country, company or department they work in.

    The trusting relationship we have with our customers, suppliers, and partners is a vital part of the long-standing success story of our family-owned company. We know that only reliable partnerships are successful in the long run.

    Matthias and Michael Rampf,
    CEOs of RAMPF Holding

    Corporate Citizenship

    Rudolf Rampf Foundation

    Corporate citizenship – more than just a buzzword. The RAMPF Group is well aware that a company does not operate in a vacuum and takes very seriously the need to act responsibly.

    In 2001, it set up the Rudolf Rampf Foundation to support the young people of Grafenberg in their sporting, musical, and other activities. To date, the foundation has provided more than 40,000 euros of funding.


    Protection of the environment

    Environmental protection and the conservation of finite resources have played an important role at our company from day one. Rudolf Rampf set a milestone with the invention of the first polyurethane board for model making.

    One aim of this development was to replace ornamental wood types such as mahogany with plastic in order to avoid further depletion of the world’s forests.

    Since then, the company is constantly evaluating if technical and economic measures can be taken in the interests of environmental protection.

    Commitment to sustainability

    Sustainable management is a matter of course for RAMPF. As a family-run business, we pursue the goal of being economically successful and always acting in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Bringing this claim to life is not just up to management – at RAMPF, all of us act as one.

    Product stewardship

    Environmentally compatible product design is a mainstay of our efforts to achieve sustainability. An important aspect when developing each new product is to determine whether it can contain a certain percentage of recycled polyol.

    Where economically feasible, we also consider developing a custom-made recycling polyol – depending on the anticipated annual purchase quantity.

    The use of renewable raw materials is becoming increasingly important, too. Instead of looking to synthetic chemicals, preference is given to sourcing natural oils (such as castor oil) as the basis for our products.

    Responsibility toward our employees

    In its role as a family-run company and employer, RAMPF always strives to be a reliable partner and aims to create the best possible working conditions for employees.

    Our comprehensive occupational safety concept is based on a holistic view of the work system in place that covers all the relevant technical, organizational, and HR aspects involved in optimizing safety.

    Acting responsibly means taking a preventive, systematic, and comprehensive approach to all aspects of safety. This is the only way of identifying, evaluating, and eliminating risks. It involves, for example, designing fault-tolerant plant and equipment that prevent errors and minimize downtime. Safe operation of equipment at our production facilities is ensured by written instructions, training measures, and practical drills.