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Modeling and mold engineering materials by RAMPF Tooling Solutions.

Close Contour Produkte

Kundenspezifische Gießlinge und Blöcke, fräsbereit geliefert. Fugenlose, dimensionsstabile Modellbaupasten für jede Bauteilgröße

Flüssigsysteme für den Modellbau

Oberflächenharze, Laminier- und Mehrzweckharze, Laminierpasten, Infusionsharze, Gießharze , Schnellgießharze, Rapid Prototyping Gießharze und Hilfsstoffe


Pastenbeschichtung Ihrer Rohlinge – Paste wird auf einen konturnahen Unterbau appliziert und ausgehärtet

Board and liquid materials for state-of-the art modeling

Cutting-edge products and solutions:

  • World's largest producer of high-performance styling, modeling, and working boards. These stand for high quality "made in Germany“ and excellent mechanical properties.

  • Our Close Contour Pastes, Close Contour Blocks, and Close Contour Castings guarantee the economic production of models and molds.

  • High-performance and customized products: large volume and 1:1 castings as well as a paste application service.

  • For the composites industry we develop and produce trend-setting epoxy and polyurethane systems that cover a wide variety of production processes as well as a large temperature range.

  • Extensive technical support world-wide.

  • Swift order processing and despatch.

  • Orders can be placed directly with RAMPF or via one of our many distribution partners.

Inside view – the company movie

Just keeping in step with developments is not our ambition.

As a leader in innovation, we shape them.