Innovative production systems with integrated dispensing technology

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Sealing, Casting, Bonding, and Automation

by RAMPF Production Systems

Verarbeitung reaktiver Kunststoffe

Dichten, Vergießen und Kleben


Automatisierung von Produktionsabläufen mit integrierter Dosiertechnik

Dosieranlagen & Dosierroboter

Maschinen-Portfolio und Funktionsbaugruppen


Machbarkeitsstudien, Langzeitversuche, Prototypen- und Musterproduktion, ISO 7 Reinraumfertigung

Production Systems Portal

Kundenportal, Unterstützung bei Störungen, Ersatzteil- und Dienstleistungsanfragen

Innovative production systems with integrated dispensing technology

RAMPF Production Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative systems for processing single-, dual-, and multi-component reactive plastic systems.

In addition to its core competence of mixing and dispensing technology, the company based in Zimmern o. R., Germany, provides product-specific automation concepts with integrated parts transport and heat treatment, assembly and joining technology, as well as logistic and quality assurance solutions.

The customer-specific solutions include integrating both surface activation processes as well as testing and measuring technology to safeguard production processes.

Prototypes and small series for customers are produced in the application-engineering center.

This wide-ranging expertise enables RAMPF Production Systems to provide its customers with complete solutions for their production facilities.

Inside view – the company movie

At RAMPF Production Systems, developing innovative solutions is part of what we do every day.

Because our production systems for sealing, casting, and bonding must fulfill the requirements of our customers, whose products have to be competitive on the global market.