RAMPF Mineral Casting – Outstanding Vibration Damping & Sustainability

Osaka, Japan, 09/23/21.

RAMPF Group Japan, K.K., is presenting its high-performance, vibration-damping machine bed material EPUMENT® mineral casting for the machine tool construction, semi-conductor, laser, medical, and packaging industries at MECT 2021 in Nagoya from October 20 to 23 – Booth 1B32.

The epoxy resin-bonded mineral casting material EPUMENT® from RAMPF is used across the globe in vibration-damping machine beds and machine bed components in the machine tool construction, semi-conductor, laser, medical, and packaging industries, amongst others. The main advantages are:

  • Outstanding damping qualities – the machine bed structure has greater dynamic stability in ultra-fast and high-precision production machinery; comparative measurements of the logarithmic decrement as a damping parameter show that mineral casting has a material damping capacity that is eight to ten times greater than metal materials such as gray cast iron and welded constructions.
  • High degree of functional integration – the cold-casting process of EPUMENT® enables sensors and actuators to be directly integrated into the machine bed, making these so-called “intelligent machine beds” an important prerequisite for the digitization of manufacturing processes (Industry 4.0).
  • Resource-saving production, environmentally friendly disposal and recycling – the manufacture of EPUMENT® consumes up to 30 percent less primary energy than the smelting of gray cast iron and steel; machine beds and components made of mineral casting can be disposed of in the same way as normal construction materials and used as feedstock in road building, industrial construction, and landfill surface sealing, amongst others.

RAMPF Group Japan provides its customers with a holistic service offering, including material-specific design and engineering, production, assembly, and the construction of customized multi-axis moving systems and basic machinery.

Masafumi Yasunaga, Division Manager Machine Systems at RAMPF Group Japan:

RAMPF is the world’s biggest producer of mineral casting. We have almost three decades of experience in developing and constructing machine beds and machine bed components using this high-performance material. We look forward to presenting the enormous potential of EPUMENT® for highly dynamic mechanical engineering applications at MECT 2021 together with our distribution partner Freeman Japan.