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multi-functional plants for polyol production

Your residues – your raw material source

Precise manufacture of polyols

RAMPF Eco Solutions is a leader in the design, development, and construction of plants for manufacturing customized alternative polyols using PU waste materials, PET / PSA, polyesters such as PLA and PHB, as well as biomonomers.

The plant enables customers to manufacture their own polyols onsite.  These can then be fed directly back into the production process.

RAMPF Eco Solutions combines many years of experience both in developing innovative chemical solutions and in industrial plant construction – the result is a portfolio that is unique for the industry.

You can build your success on RAMPF’s comprehensive, highly professional customer support – from development all the way through to plant commissioning.


PUR Recycling system


Residual materials


Tailor-made polyols


Individual product

Your benefits

Ecologically sustainable production cycle – stand out from the competition


High-quality polyols


Lower transport and disposal costs


No vulnerability to variations in raw-material prices