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Top quality based on in-house polyols

RAMPF Eco Solutions boasts unique expertise in the formulation of PU systems based on its own polyols. Polyurethane systems based on waste and alternative raw materials are just as versatile as polyurethanes based on new polyols.

Range of applications

Flexible foams

Based on Recypol®; applications: e.g. in mattresses, car seats, office furnishings


Rigid foams

Based on Recypol®; applications: e.g. insulation, decorative applications


Semi-rigid integral foams

Based on recycled polyols (Recypol®); applications: e.g. shoe soles, armrests, back cushions, seat cushions, foam insulation for beer kegs, etc.


Rigid integral foams

Based on Recypol®; applications: e.g. housings, trims, etc.


Your benefits

Top quality alternative PU systems


Price savings over conventional PU systems


Tailored to customer’s specific requirements