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RAMPF Worldwide

Service. Worldwide.

RAMPF's global presence ensures a high level of flexibility in production, as well as short delivery times – crucial success factors for our customers, who operate in the most dynamic international industries.

Furthermore, the worldwide network of RAMPF partners ensures that customers receive rapid expert advice – no matter where they are and which industry sector they represent. Our partners offer, amongst others, first-class consulting, comprehensive services, contract manufacturing, and prototype production – all at a local level.

We make sure that customers across the globe have instant access to our products and services. Our subsidiaries adhere to the highest standard of quality – the RAMPF Standard.

This dedication to excellence has enabled us to achieve rapid growth, as ever more customers place their trust in RAMPF.

RAMPF thinks globally and acts locally.

Production facilities strategically located in Germany, the United States, Canada, China, and Japan.




RAMPF Machine Systems, RAMPF Production Systems, RAMPF Eco Solutions, RAMPF Polymer Solutions, RAMPF Tooling Solutions, and RAMPF Holding are all based in Germany.




RAMPF Composite Solutions, Inc., based in Burlington, Ontario, is RAMPF's Canadian subsidiary.


RAMPF Composite Solutions



RAMPF Group Japan, K.K., based in Osaka, is RAMPF's Japanese subsidiary.




RAMPF Group Japan, K.K.


RAMPF Korea Co., Ltd. is a joint venture for the development and manufacture of mixing and dispensing systems for the Asian markets as well for the sale and distribution of PU products.



RAMPF Group, Inc., based in Wixom, MI, is RAMPF's North American subsidiary.




RAMPF Group, Inc.

Location and Partners