Laminating Systems

RAKU-TOOL® laminating resins enable the production of lightweight, rigid (depending on the type of fiber) high-strength molds and components with or without gelcoat.

Prototyping Systems

RAKU-TOOL® rapid prototyping systems are used for the fast manufacture of functional prototype parts and small batches.
They simulate the appearance and properties of thermoplastics such as HDPE, PP, ABS, and PE.

Gelcoat Resins

RAKU-TOOL® gelcoats can be used to achieve various surface properties.

Rigid to flexible, chemically resistant, polishable, etc. The backing can be adapted to operational requirements and the mold – from lightweight (laminate structures) to heavy (tamping), post-curing possible.

Casing Resins

RAKU-TOOL® casting resins can be used for full and face casting. They are suitable for quick and easy manufacture of models, molds, and tools.

Infusion Systems

RAKU-TOOL® infusion systems are used to impregnate dry fibers under pressure and in a vacuum.

This enables impregnation of larger fibers in a single process and production of homogeneous components and molds void-free.


RAKU-TOOL®ancillaries consist of mold sealers, release agents, and fillers. These are used to seal porous surfaces, help with demolding, and act as fillers for a whole range of applications.

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