Customized silicones

The exceptional product properties of our RAKU-SIL® silicones offer you the optimum solution for sealing, protecting, bonding, and casting components. We develop customized systems in response to your specific requirements profile. Process reliability is ensured during manufacturing, which normally takes place on low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment.


Tailor-made silicones:

Polyurethanes, epoxy resins and silicones are the basis for our tailor-made developments. The excellent product properties of our RAKU-SIL® silicones offer the optimum solution for components to be sealed, protected, bonded and casted. We develop customized systems that meet your specific requirements. The processing is usually on low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment.

Comprehensive, high-performance product portfolio

  • 1-component, 2-component, or 3-component products
  • Room temperature curing, heat and moisture curing, UV curing, or physical hardening
  • Large product selection:Soft, gel-like, or self-healing,Ductile elastomers or hard silicone resins, Silicone foam elastomers, Liquid resins or stiff pastes
  • Numerous approvals: UL, FDA, drinking water etc.
  • Wide range of properties, e.g. electrically insulating and conductive silicones
  • Variable reaction times ranging from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Excellent resistance to low and high temperatures
  • Constant Properties throughout the entire temperature range
  • Impressive resistance to chemicals

Process reliable casting machines for silicones

Custom-made machines for silicone processing: RAMPF Dosiertechnik specializes in custom-made mixing and dispensing machines. There are more than 2,000 successfully installed mixing and dispensing machines worldwide, demonstrating our wide-ranging capability. The diversified product portfolio extends from simple handheld devices on efficient foaming equipment to vacuum casting machines. We are highly attentive to accuracy and efficiency during the installation of our machines. It is very important to us to integrate the machines into the total manufacturing process.

Silicones applications


  • Casting of sensors
  • Casting of an electrical control modul
  • Casting of circuit board
  • Casting of wind energy switch
  • Mould casting brake cylinder
  • Gluing of oven parts
  • Foam sealing electronic box
  • Sealing ABS brake housing
  • Sealing of drinking water pump
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