RAKU-PUR®, RAKU-POX® and RAKU-SIL® reactive resin systems

RAKU-PUR systems meet the most stringent physical and chemical requirements such as temperature resistance, sealing and insulation functions, flame retardant settings, best adhesion and impact strength. The systems can be invidually adjusted to production sequence-related requirments such as cycle times.

We offer a wide range of casting resin products for the American market. The portfolio comprises materials based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone for sealing, bondingcasting, and encapsulating.

RAKU-PUR® Foam Gaskets
Foam Gaskets

Under the RAKU-PUR® brand, RAMPF Group, Inc. produces and sells sealing systems for all kinds of applications. The materials range from liquid to highly thixotropic and impress with their top quality and extremely easy processing. All materials can be customized. Typical applications include sealing door modules, electrical enclosures and lighting housings.

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RAKU-PUR® / RAKU-POX® Electro Casting Resins
Electro Casting Resins

With RAKU-PUR® und RAKU-POX® RAMPF Group, Inc. offers a cutting-edge portfolio of electro casting resins based on polyurethane and epoxy. The materials ensure reliable protection of sensitive components against heat, moisture, dust, and dirt. All products can be customized and meet the strictest quality requirements. Typical applications include casting of sensors, transformers, PCBs, and door locks.

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RAKU-SIL® Silikone

RAKU-SIL® silicones are the optimum solution for sealing, protecting, bonding, and casting components. RAMPF Group, Inc. offers you customized systems in response to your specific requirements profile. Process reliability is ensured during manufacturing, which normally takes place on low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment.



For years RAKU-PUR® and RAKU-POX® Systems have been successfully used in different fields of application. Those range from the manufacturing of grinding and polishing wheels, the production of filter systems or edge protectors in the furniture industry, to molds for the concrete industry.


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