More than production

Customers come to RAMPF Composite Solutions for more than just production. They come to us for our innovative spirit and proven track record for problem-solving.

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We engage with our customers at the development stage, assisting them in determining the most effective, efficient, and reliable solution for their needs. Customers also rely on RAMPF Composite Solutions for our responsiveness. As one of the few composites facilities that is completely vertically integrated, RAMPF Composite Solutions is known for its uncompromising accuracy and impressive speed-to-market. 

Your full-service partner

The majority of composites companies are production-only providers. RAMPF Composite Solutions is a little different.

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We provide our customers with a full-service offering that includes research, design, and engineering as well as production and inventory. It’s what sets us apart, and it’s why leading companies from the aerospace and medical industries turn to us when they’re seeking outside help to assist them in overcoming complex composite challenges.

Quality commitment

The highest priority at RAMPF Composite Solutions is customer satisfaction. Providing high-quality products reliably and cost effectively, as well as on-time delivery within customer specifications is what sets us apart.

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RAMPF Composite Solutions adheres to best practices in quality and works towards continuous improvement in every process. Registrations to globally recognized standards include:

  • ISO 9001:2008. AS 9100 Rev C

The quality management system enhances consistency and helps ensure the overall performance of the company. Our process controls consist of 100% critical point inspection as well as the use of standardized-build instruction documentation that is issued for every part. As a result, RAMPF Composite Solutions has been able to establish and maintain a reputation for delivering an outstanding product.

RAMPF Composite Solutions is your complete composites partner. Our suite of services includes project management, product development, in-house mold making, production, value-added assembly, plating, painting, inventory and rapid prototyping, tooling design and manufacturing.

With all of the services required for the development and production of your product available under one roof, you can simplify the process and enjoy greater control of scheduling, quality, and costs. This ensures your needs and requirements are thoroughly understood from start to finish.

RAMPF Composite Solutions will get you to market sooner.


RAMPF Composite Solutions has the experience and ability to quickly generate production processes for demanding designs of complex, precision composite structures. Our highly-trained staff and committed management team work closely with customers and suppliers to ensure speed of product development, rapid turnaround time, and on-time delivery of products.

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