Composite manufacturing to very tight tolerances

We offer the following manufacturing processes:

  • VARTM (Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) for manufacturing highest quality tight tolerance parts at a competitive cost
  • Vacuum infusion for cost-effective production of high-quality composite parts
  • Pre-preg oven cure for rapid manufacturing of primary aerospace structures
  • Compression molding for low-cost manufacturing of a high volume of parts
  • Bladder molding for non-complex tools with short curing cycles and high geometric flexibility
  • Hand layup for low-cost production of large components with high fiber content.
  • Precision tooling
  • Prototyping with dedicated new product introduction services
  • Metalization of composites with copper and electroless nickel plating, and painting to MIL-SPEC or to other standards and as application demands
  • Complete subassembly, including all necessary hardware, wiring harness assemblies, and kitting
  • Part and subassembly testing, including leak down testing and mechanical testing
  • Tolerance of high precision parts and assemblies to better than 0.005 mm over the length of a part and 0.0002 mm over critical distances
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