Eye-catcher – the concept car “Fast Eddy”, designed and produced by the Aria Group. The use of RAKU-TOOL® Close Contour Paste CP-6070 / 6072 from RAMPF Group, Inc. guaranteed for a high-quality, cost-effective, and fast model-making process.
26. July 2017
RAMPF makes design dreams come true
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Aria Group uses RAKU-TOOL® Close Contour Paste for the production of its breathtaking concept car “Fast Eddy”

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Close Contour Paste RAKU-TOOL® CP-6070 guarantees for a homogeneous and seamless surface on components of any size – including this 1:1 car model.
15. May 2017
Sustainable, economical, exceptional quality – model and mold engineering with RAMPF
RAMPF Tooling Solutions RAMPF Group RAMPF Group Inc. RAMPF Japan

Close Contour Pastes and materials for parts manufacture using carbon fiber at Moulding Expo 2017

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